Someday Contest!

The Mission of Moms 4 Bieber is to support and show appreciation for the good we feel Justin Bieber has done in the lives of our children AND US! We feel he is a true talent and fine young man. We especially look up to Pattie as she exemplifies how the struggle to raise a child on your own (especially a boy) CAN be done, done well and with Christian values!

The Goal of Moms 4 Bieber is to give other “MomBeliebers” a place to feel welcome and a haven from the haters that would call us “creepy” or “perverts”! Ultimately, we would like to bring together enough MomBeliebers to be a driving force in the support of many charities including PoP, stopping violence against women and helping young single mothers.

In order to find those MomBeliebers and Supporters of our cause we need to let people know we are here. The best way to do that, as proven by our own JB is through social media, namely Twitter thus the reasoning behind this newest contest.

By participating in this contest you are not only earning a chance to win the coveted bottle of Someday but ultimately helping Moms 4 Bieber in their endeavor to champion many charities!

The contest is SIMPLE!

Get a RT (Retweet) or Personal Tweet from@justinbieber@scooterbraun , @studiomama, that mentions @Moms4Bieber1 and win a bottle of Someday. It’s that easy! The tweet MUST INCLUDE @Moms4Bieber1

Fine print:The FIRST person to get a NICE Tweet responded to or RT’ed will win. The term nice refers to making sure that your tweet is polite, supportive and appropriate. ie no foul language, downgrading MomBeliebers etc. Moms 4 Bieber reserves the right to ultimately decide what constitutes “Nice”. The tweet MUST mention @Moms4Bieber1 or or it does not count! As soon as you believe you are the first one to be RT’ed or responded to Mention @Moms4Bieber1 IMMEDIATELY so that I may log on to check your possible winner status. #Leggo

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